Mother seeks financial help for daughter's lifetime medication

To lengthen her young daughter's life. This is the ultimate goal of a mother who is currently asking for financial help to afford her baby's lifetime laboratory requirement and medications.

According to Genelyn Tuzon Arcilla, her baby Yanna just underwent liver transplant surgery in India last April because of liver cirrhosis.

The operation became possible because of the kind hearts of people who donated money and prayed for the healing of her young daughter.

Months after the surgery, Arcilla said that Baby Yanna has been showing a lot of improvement. She has now been eating orally and being active and bubbly. Her yellowish discoloration of the skin has also been disappearing since the operation succeeded.

However, in  spite of the successful surgery, baby Yanna needs regular laboratory testing and medications for a lifetime to monitor her health. Thus, Arcilla and her family are asking  for donations to help them support her daughter's medical needs.

“Active na active Yan na baby na yan. Sana tuloy tuloy na mawala lagnat mo mahal ko. Thank you lord for everything. Please lord continuous healing for baby Yanna ...Please help baby yanna for her lifetime laboratory and medication. Thank you so much and God bless," wrote Arcilla in her Facebook post on July 3.

Apart from giving donations, people could also help by supporting and purchasing items on "Baby Yanna's Shop for a cause," an online business that Arcilla puts up to earn extra money to sustain the needs of Baby Yanna.

Arcilla also wants to warn the public about the scammers online like the FB user Analiza Endaya, who steals pictures of baby Yanna and claims to be her mother just to get money from the public in a form of donation.

For donations and information verification, you may contact Genelyn Tuzon Arcilla.

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