Man who always gets rejected in work due to his looks, underwent 9 cosmetic surgeries

A 26-year-old man from Vietnam is now viral in social media after he admitted that he underwent not only one but nine cosmetic surgeries just to avoid discrimination during job applications.

According to Vietnamese Do-Quyen, he always gets rejected by employers because of his physical appearance. Instead of looking at his capabilities and skills, most of the companies that he applied to  usually tease and make fun of him because of how he looks.

Until such time, due to constant rejection and discrimination, Quyen's self-esteem was affected, making him also lose trust in himself and in all his abilities.

To regain his confidence again, he thought of undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Although his parents did not agree with his idea, he still pushed through to improve himself.

The surgeries which include rhinoplasty, chin implant, porcelain veneers, lip reshaping, double eyelid surgery, lip implants, and many more cost about US$17,256 or  P847,977.

In spite of this huge money he spent, Quyen carries no regrets because he found his happiness and boost his confidence once again without hurting or discriminating other people.

Source: Brigada

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