Jinkee Pacquiao on the possibility of becoming the first lady: 'di naman masamang mangarap'

"'Di naman masamang mangarap."

This was the answer of Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of Senator Manny Pacquiao, when asked in a conversation whether she is prepared to be the next first lady of the Philippines.

Manny, also known as a successful Filipino professional boxer, is rumored to have a great interest to run as the next Philippine president in the upcoming election in 2022.

As narrated by Pacquiao's family friend Anabelle Rama, she recalled that she once asked Jinkee if she is ready to be the next first lady of the country.

‘Day, ready ka ba maging First Lady?’ Rama quoted in an interview with the Philippine Star.

Jinkee allegedly replied then  ‘Tita naman, sana magdilang anghel ka...Siempre, (di) naman masamang mangarap.’

However, the senator's wife immediately clarified that being the first lady is yet to come in her mind.

"Pero wala pa sa ulo ko 'yan."

Jinkee has been with Pacquiao since they were 19. Recently, she was accused that she only loves her husband because of her wealth but later on she braved enough to defend herself saying that she stood by Manny even when he was just starting and has nothing.

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