Actor Ping Medina begs for financial help on his 38th birthday

Actor Ping Medina has a "huge favor" for everyone as he appeals for financial assistance  on his 38th birthday to help him pay for his rent and keep up the lifestyle he has been living for so long.

In his Instagram post on Sunday (July 25), Medina shared how he was bombarded with challenges this 2021 making his budget so short to fund all his needs. 

According to the actor, he has been doing okay since the pandemic but unfortunately, his sausage business was impacted by the second implementation of enhanced community quarantine cutting down their sales and customer traffic.

In pursuit of finding a new source of income, Medina was engaged in sabong or cockfighting, where he lost money instead of gaining more.

"See, I tried being a sabong agent last month. My master agent asked me for money to keep our account going. I also had a player who would spend 10k a day so when she asked for an advance I thought she was good for it," wrote Medina.

"They both haven't paid me. Exact amount is 36k. That's my business' rent money and 2 months amortized rent for my condo this coming Aug 1. I don't know when they will pay," he added.

Medina said that he would rather lose everything than to borrow money from someone.

He added that he is ready to move to Sagada to start a new life but he still would like to try all the means possible to "keep up" the lifestyle he currently has.

Medina has been a well-known character actor for 23 years. He is one of the sons of veteran actor Pen Medina, and he is also an older brother to actor Alex Medina.

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