'Water cleanse': Heart Evangelista shares her secret to age gracefully

"What's the secret to aging gracefully?"

This was the question that made actress Heart Evangelista spill her secret in having a young and beautiful looking face in spite of her age of 36.

In one of her Instagram posts  where Evangelista can be seen amazingly gorgeous in a swimsuit, netizens were astonished based on their reactions in the comment section.

One netizen, cannot even help but to ask "What's the secret to aging gracefully?"

At first, another netizen replied to the comment using a lot of money bag emojis as if saying that money is what you need to look young and pretty.

But minutes later, Evangelista answered emphasizing that her secret to being beautiful does not even cost her anything because what is just using is water.

"Water does not cost you anything! :) water cleanse 3x a day and cheat day on Sunday's!," wrote Evangelista.

Maybe, aside from this, Evangelista’s key to being younger-looking is her positivity and passion in everything she does. Just like everyone, she too suffered a lot of hardships and challenges but still remained strong and happy.

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