Filipina from California, enters college at 11, holds degree at 16

Entering college at the young age of 11 seems impossible but not to the Filipino-American Joys David who is currently residing in California, USA.

In an Eat Bulaga! segment "Bawal Judgemental" last June 2, David surprised everyone after she shared that she went to college at the age of 11.

According to her, she did not have an opportunity to go to middle school or high school because after her elementary studies she went straight to college.

At the age of 16, David graduated not only from one course but two: Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

“I started college at 11. So, I was able to finish. I just graduated last year, 2020,” David said.

“I actually took them both at the same time, so I finished at the same time,” she added.

In America and in the Philippines, because of the K-12 program, students typically start college at the age of 17 or 18. That is why the story of David is surprising to many.

As of this moment, David is working as a research assistant and still plans to study to get another double degree.

She also aspires to be a physician-scientist and build a free hospital to help people in need.

Watch her interview here:

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