Meet the youngest mayor in the Philippines, boyfriend of actress Pauline Mendoza

People in their 20's are usually  self-centered and focused on their personal goals and happiness but not this man from Alaminos, Pangasinan who serves as the Mayor of his own city.

The 22-year-old Arth Bryan C. Celeste is a politician who is considered to be the youngest elected Mayor in the Philippines.

Celeste is a graduate of BS Entrepreneurship in De La Salle University in Manila. His father was also a politician and the one that might probably influenced him to be a public servant. 

Similar to other politicians like Mayor Isko Moreno, Mayor Vico Sotto, and Mayor Donya Tesoro, Celeste also utilizes social media as a way of being transparent regarding the  services and programs he implements under his governance.

With this, he also became known for having fast and efficient actions and solutions for the betterment of Alaminos City.

In spite of being a politician at a young age, Celeste seems to still enjoy his life to the fullest especially whenever she is with her girlfriend Pauline Mendoza, a famous actress in the Philippines.

Mendoza was known for her role in a TV program in GMA, “Kambal Karibal.” Even if the actress resides in Marikina, far from Celeste’s place in Alaminos, they still manage to establish a strong relationship together.

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