Macho dancer earns P30,000 per night; can build a house worth P1M


Many people see bar performers, especially macho dancers, "less" than any other workers in our society today. The fact that they are working for gay bars is usually enough for some to think that their job is not something as “clean” as theirs.

But as they say, never judge a book by its cover. People should stop underestimating macho dancers as they may be earning huge enough and more successful than other people without being illegal.

Just take for example the performer Evo Martin also known as "Yum Evo" who was featured on "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" last Sunday (June 20).

Evo is a farmer by day, and a proud macho dancer by night.

Since many bars have closed due to the ongoing community quarantine implementation, they too have shifted their operations in various platforms online.

As for Evo, he usually dances at night from his home while being watched by his audience via Zoom.

In just a night, he can earn as much as P30,000. Since the payments he has been receiving as he continues with his job is consistently high, being a macho dancer allowed him to save enough money to build a house and buy a property worth P1 million.

"OK lang basta sasayaw lang ako dito sa loob ng bahay lang, para safety na rin...Hindi po lahat ng iniisip n'yo sa aming mga macho dancer ay ganito," said Evo.

Aside from Evo, there are also guys who were able to provide for their family and even put up a business because of the large income they get from being a performer.

According to CIDG-PNP Head Pltcol. Ivy Castillo, macho dancing is not illegal. It will only become one if there would be sexual exploitation involved.

"Nagiging illegal lang siya kung nagsasayaw lang siya ng hubad-hubad na pinipilit siya for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Nakikita ko na magiging violation siya sa batas natin dito sa Pilipinas," said Castillo.

Being a macho dancer may not be an ideal job for all but at least people like Evo are trying their best to earn a living without engaging themselves to something illegal.

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