Lawyer Mel Sta.Maria, believes Kris Aquino is 'capable' of running as senator

Just days after the passing of former President Benigno  Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III, many people are now urging his sister Kris Aquino to continue his legacy as a great leader to Filipino people.

One of those who believes in Kris's capability is  the Filipino lawyer, professor, and television or radio presenter  Melencio Santos Sta. Maria Jr or commonly known as Mel Sta. Maria.

In his Twitter account on Sunday (June 27), Sta. Maria stated that Kris is "more capable" than those who are currently holding positions in the  senate.

"Looking at the senators now, I believe Kris Aquino is more capable -- many times over -- to be a senator than some of the incumbents," wrote Sta. Maria.

"She is intelligent, articulate, perceptive, charismatic and, most of all I believe, has a superior sense of the people's pulse. She should run," he added.

Many netizens agreed to Sta. Maria, but there are also some who think that it should be one of Aquino's brothers, Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aquino IV, who should be back in the senate.

As of this writing, Kris has not yet given any comment to Sta. Maria. Although she said that she will keep her promise to her brother Noynoy which is to be a good Filipino, it is still unknown whether she has plans of running for the next election.

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  1. Why is there a passion to sacrifice the Aquinos? Easy to push the Aquinos coz it's not YOU, your family nor clan member who is being vilified publicly on a consistent and daily basis! TAMA NA! SOBRA NA!