4-year-old girl who saves money for her school impressed netizens

A 4-year-old girl from Lanao del Norte has been amusing people online because of her dedication to save money for her own and her family's future in spite of her young age.

The child went viral after his aunt Marefe Sanes shared on social media how good her niece Althea Tumapon is at saving money at the young age of four.

According to Sanes, Althea started saving in 2018. Whenever she receives money from her grandparents and some of their relatives she would usually keep them in a plastic bag which she used as her piggy bank.

However, since her parents who are deaf and mute do not have enough money, her savings which cost P1,500 were used last January because of the birth of her younger sister.

Nevertheless, Althea  is still determined to start saving again so she can buy herself school supplies once she begins studying. She also wants to save for the future of her sibling and her parents in her own little way.

Although her mother and father cannot express their thoughts fully by words, it is very evident on their smiles how thankful they are for having a daughter like Althea who never fails to show her care to her family in spite of her age.

Source: GMA News

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