Stop smashing faces into cakes or you might regret what would happen next


Smashing someone's face into a cake may be enjoyable especially during joke times or celebrations but little did we know, more than fun this can cause danger that is problematic and we may regret later on.

Bakers sometimes use wooden dowels  or plastics to help the cake stand or  stay in place especially if it  is multilayered. 

Hence, when you smash a cake to someone's face, there is a big possibility that those wooden dowels or sticks may poke the eye, nose, or any part of the victim's face.

There could also be a chance that a victim’s head may forcefully hit a hard surface especially if his or her face was smashed into a cake placed on a table. This can lead to contusion, concussion or unconsciousness.

Just take for example the story of a Facebook user named Antonio Laugginger who was punctured with a wooden stick on the upper part of her nose, near her eye, after she was smashed with a cake.

Not to mention the 16-year-old girl who also went viral on social media after she became unconscious when her face was smashed on a cake during her birthday.

Some are skeptical with these stories but mind you, it is better to  avoid accidents  rather than deal with it and regret it once it happens.

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