Old man manually pushing his cart full of wooden crafts, receives help from a netizen

One netizen felt sad and emotional after seeing an old man manually pushing his  cart with wooden crafts  for a long distance just to earn a living.

Carts full of wooden and native crafts are very common in the Philippines  but they are being pulled by either a horse or a carabao.

That is why netizen and business woman Crystal Jacinto who was just passing by found it heart-rendering to see an old man tirelessly pushing the heavy cart  to earn money so he can feed his family.

According to Jacinto, the old man shared that he sometimes walks and pushes the cart in the streets of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Alaminos, and  Batangas.

He added that he cannot afford to go home every now and then that is why  he opts to sleep on his cart anywhere once the night comes.

"GRABE! This is no joke.. inuubos nya ang mga paninda bago umuwi.. kung san sya abutan ng gabi dun na sya sa kariton matulog." wrote Jacinto in her Facebook post.

Because of this, Jacinto bought all the products of the old man and even gave him extra cash so he could go home to his family.

The old man on the other hand seemed to be tearful because of the unexpected blessing he received from a complete stranger.

In this world full of struggles and people like the old man who pushes the cart, we need someone like Jacinto who would stop by and extend some help. It is always easy to feel pity for someone but it always takes courage to help in the best way we can. 

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