Husband who builds their dream house while battling with cancer dies on his birthday

Nothing is more painful than to see your loved one lifeless on the same day that he or she was born and gifted with life.

This  is the heart-rendering experience of the couple Grace and Ramil Tan whose story tears many after getting viral and featured in Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho on Sunday (May 24).

According to Grace, Ramil was very hands-on with the construction of their dream house which he called the "happiest place on earth."

However, Ramil was diagnosed with thymic carcinoma or stage 4 cancer during the annual medical examination on his work.

In spite of this, Ramil still did his best to finish their house. He would even do businesses and work as a driver to have enough budget that they can use in buying necessary materials.

To further save money, he himself became the own carpenter of their house. Every one week after his chemotherapy, he would usually work and construct some parts of their house like their kitchen.

But one day, Ramil became extremely weak and doctors found out that he also has diabetes mellitus. This made it hard for Ramil to bounce back until on his birthday, March 23, he unfortunately passed away. 

Although it is painful for Grace to lose the love of her life, she is still grateful that once in her life, she met Ramil and became his wife. According to her, even though Ramil has gone, he will always be the pillar of their home.

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