Wife caught husband's infidelity; stabs mistress in private part

An angry wife from Mangaldan, Pangasinan stabbed her husband's mistress in the genital area multiple times after she caught them having sexual activity in a nipa house.

According to the report of  GMA News Balitambayan on Tuesday (April 6), the victim, recognized as Leslie, together with another woman went to the suspect's house whose husband is celebrating his birthday.

The suspect, hidden by the name "Marie" thought that the two were just buying sweet potatoes from his husband that is why she confidently left their home for some work.

When Marie returned, to her surprise, she found her husband having a drink with the two women. She also saw how her husband fed Leslie during that time.

Marie confronted the two women and told them to leave their home.

She then thought that her problem with the women is over but after a while, she noticed that her husband is also nowhere to be found inside the  house.

With this, Marie went outside to look for her husband until she found him having sex with Leslie in a nipa house.

Out of anger, Marie grabbed a knife and began stabbing the victim's arms and genital area over and over again.

The husband had immediately fled from the scene while Leslie, who suffered serious injuries, was rushed in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Marie surrendered to the police and is now facing appropriate charges for her crime.

Source: GMA News Balimtabayan

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