Creative Pinoy: Filipino Couple makes travel bags out of used car tires


As an effort to reduce  waste materials in the environment, a couple from Taguig City is recycling used tires and inner car tubes to make travel and bike accessories.

The couple Clarice and Lyndon Ecuacion is the owner of Siklo Pilipinas where the  eco-ethical brand's products are being produced. 

The travel and bike accessories drew hype online after Lyra Auce, niece of the couple, posted and boasted them on her social media page.

According to Lyra, her aunt and uncle have thought of stepping up and doing something to help reduce the constantly increasing tire waste in the environment.

“One day, they discovered that they could use inner tube material as a substitute for dry bags, just to keep their items safe from the many types of terrain/weather. Then they started exploring the possibilities from there,” Lyra told The Philippine STAR in an interview. 

“They also researched how much tire garbages impact our environment and that strengthened their purpose in working with tires since they are environmental advocates as well,” she added. 

The tire wastes that Siklo  owners used are coming from junkyards, vulcanizing shops, and bike shops all over Metro Manila and Laguna. 

The price of the products that they make usually range from P600 to P4,000.

Source: The Philippine Star

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