'Summer-perfect': Sinigang flavored ice candy draws attention online


"Perfect ngayong nalalapit na ang summer."

This is the  common reaction of many netizens who saw the viral ice candy made with unique flavor which some may hesitate to try.

This is because the ice candy, a Filipino dessert, that a 16-year old girl posted online is flavored not with usual fruit juices but with the famous meal, sinigang.

“For sale ice candy sinigang flavor hindi tinipid sa ingredients,” said the teenager Andreana Del Rosario as a caption to the picture of sinigang ice candies which she shared on Facebook.

The  netizens expressed their varied comments upon seeing the ice candies. Some were disgusted while others jokingly shared their eagerness to try the unique flavor especially now that summer is fast approaching. Many also tagged their sinigang lover friends and loved ones.

“Basic need lalo ngayong summer,” wrote one netizen.

“Kadiri talaga to,” said another.

However, Andreana clarified in her interview with, her post was just for fun but she is really making ice candies to have an extra income and help her parents with herneeds.

According to the young girl, she just thought of putting sinigang in her ice candy bags and decided to post it online. She did not expect that it would later on draw attention to many netizens.

for sale ice candy sinigang flavor hindi tinipid sa ingredients

Posted by Andreana Del Rosario on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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