Mother discovers her son's bride is her long-lost daughter


A wedding in Suzhou, China last March 31, 2021 turned out to be a double celebration after the mother of the groom found out that the bride is her daughter whom she lost two decades ago.

According to a report, during the wedding ceremony, the mother noticed the birthmark of the bride located on her hand. 

The birthmark is similar to her long-lost daughter that is why she hurriedly asked the bride's parents whether their daughter is adopted.

For the first time, the parents revealed that the bride is not their biological daughter. She was just a girl whom they adopted after being seen by the roadside 20 years ago.

After the unexpected revelation, the bride and her biological mother hugged one another to celebrate their reunion.

Fortunately, the wedding pushed through because the bride and the groom are not related to one another as the groom was only adopted by the bride’s mother when she thought she could no longer find her lost daughter.

Source: The Philippine Star

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