Meet world's most fertile woman who raises 38 biological children all alone

For some couples, to raise one child may be challenging already but not to a woman in Uganda who is incredible enough to raise 38 biological children all by herself.

This is the story of Mariam Nabatanzi, 43, who gave birth 44 times, and raises 38 children after losing six.

According to Nabatanzi, when she was only 13 years old, she was married to a man who is 27 years older to her after her parents sold her.

After a year of their marriage, Nabatanzi became pregnant with twins. That was then followed by triplets the next year and quadruplets after another year.

Nabatanzi said, her life was never easy as a married woman. Aside from looking after her kids, she also has to take care of the children of her husband from his previous wives.

When she had already 23 children, she sought help from doctors so that she would not have any more children, but unfortunately, the doctors were not able to help her because she was found to have an unusually large ovary.

The doctors said, if Nabatanzi would undergo a procedure, she might lose her life in the process.  She cannot also take any contraceptive pills because this would also cause problems to her health.

Because of this, Nabatanzi continued being pregnant until she gave birth to a total of 44 babies, 6 twins, 4 sets of triplets, 3 sets of quadruplets, and 2  children without a “copy.”

In spite of all of  these, Nabatanzi has no regrets of having children because she sees them as a blessing from God. What only makes her sad is the fact that they are growing without a father since her husband left them completely.

Now, Nabatanzi’s first born twins are a nurse and a qualified builder. She has no plans of losing hope because she wants to help her children achieve their dreams of being a doctor, lawyer, and a teacher.


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