Group of women, finish off community pantry leaving only table, umbrella

Just when everybody thought that Filipino's bayanihan spirit is firm and strong, a group of women trended online after they were caught in a camera taking all the goods that were made available in the community pantry set on their place.

On a  Tik Tok video on Tuesday (April 20) shared by Carla Quiogue, who also initiated the said community pantry, it can be seen how the four women gathered and took all the goods with their big eco bags leaving only the tables, cards, and umbrella.

One of them not only grabbed condiments, instant noodles and other packed goods, but also took the trays of eggs on the table.

With this, many netizens were disappointed with the greediness of the four women. Some are also mad with what they did because it is even written in the community pantry set up that beneficiaries must only get products based on their needs to help others as well.

“Buti pa ‘yong ibang mahihirap, ‘yong tipong walang wala ang kinuha nila ‘yong sapat lang sa kanila. pero kayo, nako,, mga walang hiya,”. one of the netizens wrote.

Meanwhile, Quiogue said that their community pantry will continue as they receive many donations from varied individuals after the video went viral. 

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