'Ginusto kong mabuhay': Ate Gay grateful for 2nd life after surviving pneumonia


Stand out comedian Gil Morales or much known as Ate Gay has revealed to the public that he is already getting well after battling pneumonia.

According to Ate Gay, his doctor told him that his recovery is actually his second life that is why he is grateful that he is blessed enough to have another chance to live.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (April 18), the comedian shared some before-and-after photos of red patches on his legs and scarring on his lips which he endured for how many days.

"Nagpagaling nagpalakas. Tiniis ko dahil sa kagustuhan kong mabuhay. Sabi ng doktor pangalawang buhay ko na daw ito buti daw at ginusto kong gumaling,"  wrote Ate Gay.

On March 25, Ate Gay was rushed to the hospital but has been using a wheelchair as early as March 14. It could also be remembered that he also asked for financial assistance and prayers then for her fast recovery.

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