Grandmother spends last moments happily with grandson's kisses


The shared moment of the two was captured in a video which is now garnering more than 12 million views on Facebook.

It can be seen how happy is the old lady with the sweetness of his grandchild by kissing her hands, cheeks and forehead.

Since the child is young enough, he might not know that his loving grandmother is left with only few moments beside him.

Many netizens felt inspired and emotional over the video. Some remembere their grandparents while others wish to be loved taken care of by their grandchildren too.

"At least she knew that she was truly loved.  I’d want to go that way," wrote one netizen.

"Sad 😢😥 reminds  me of my mom . She wanted to see her grandchildren  before she do surgery  but  she never get to see them because  the nurses  didn't  allow them. Unfortunately  he did the surgery  and  never to see them back. She lost all five of her sense  was bed ridden  for eleven months  and past  away . Omg its so sad," another Facebook user shared.


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