Man with COVID-19 isolates himself in his car, later dies

After being aware that he is positive for COVID-19, a man isolated himself in his own vehicle instead of going to the hospital for appropriate treatment.

The man was identified as  Lailee or Lyle Parreño. He was found in critical condition in his car which was parked beside a building within Camp Crame premises on Saturday  (March 27).

Parreño was pulled out from his vehicle when people in Camp Crame noticed that the engine of a Toyota Fortuner was on. 

Being suspicious enough, some people knocked on the car until they saw Parreño who was already  too weak to move.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital but the next day (March 28) he eventually died.

According to his long-time friend and journalist Aris Ilagan, Parreño's vehicle was full of food and drinking water which indicates that he was well-prepared to isolate himself in his car until he feels better.

Ilagan added that Parreño may have not bothered to go to hospitals because he might have known that almost all health facilities are fully occupied due to the inflating number of COVID-19 patients.

 Source: CNN, Manila Bulletin

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