Child eating live coconut worms goes viral; parents get bashed from netizens


A toddler from Surigao del Sur has recently gone viral online after a video of her eating live coconut worms or "batud" was uploaded on Facebook last April 6, 2021.

In the video, it can be seen that the child does not want to share her "batud." She would even cry when older kids are trying to get some of the chunky and moving worms.

As the people involved in the video seemed to enjoy the fondness of the child from eating "batud," many netizens questioned the parents as to why they are letting their kid eat worms.

 Some even said that the parents must be responsible enough in preparing better and safer food for the child.

"Parents should make sure the food you give to your children are good. Sa pagkain na 'yan, the parents maybe out of there mind binigay nila sa anak nila yung hindi luto na pagkain. Butit hindi natakot yung anak ninyo," wrote one Facebook user.

"Ayy ano ba yan kh8 [kahit] ood pinapakain na sa bata wala na bang ibang makain niyan kh8 ako bayaran ng libo libo ayaw ko rin," one added.

Coconut worms are famous in South Asian Cuisine. They are considered pests inside palm and coconut trees but they are absolutely edible as they are rich in nutrients like calcium and protein.


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