Vlogger Tristan Huertas asks help for his heart surgery brought by aneurysm


The dog trainer and vlogger, Tristan Huertas, popular for Milo & Friends is now seeking help for his heart bypass operation expenses after he was known to have an aneurysm on his heart's arteries.

According to Huertas, on February 17, he initially thought that she was suffering only from acid reflux attack. But on February 27, it was determined that he has to go under a heart bypass operation to treat the aortic aneurysm

The vlogger has already gone to an angioplasty procedure before but unfortunately this did not resolve the blockage in his heart's arteries.

Huertas' operation pushed through yesterday morning (March 2, at 7 am). Because the procedure is a major surgery, he would still need help for his treatment/hospitalization expenses and prayers for his fast recovery.

Many have already donated to him and wish for the betterment of his condition. Even big artists that Huertas have worked with just like John Arcilla have already sent their regards.

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