Hardworking delivery rider graduates; achieves dream of becoming policeman


Another success story is trending online after a former delivery rider narrated how he managed to achieve his dream of becoming a policeman.

According to the story that Renx Francisco Ramos shared in a Facebook page called Tambayan ng Pulis, he was already a working student even before he entered food delivery service.

While studying in college, Ramos was actually  a crew in Jollibee, one of the most famous and largest fast-food chains in the country.

It was after his college graduation when he decided to work as a food delivery rider until he reached for the quota of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Ramos is only one of those diligent working students that strive as much as they can just to fulfill whatever dreams they have.

People like them are the living proofs that no matter how hard our life is, it is still possible to achieve our personal desires with determination and action.

For Ramos, may he continue to inspire and motivate other people, especially the youth, by being one of the good and responsible policemen every Filipinos would like to have for the country.

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