Husband secretly puts money in used clothes to motivate wife do laundry


Doing the laundry is one of the difficult tasks of a housewife because aside  from it dries the skin, it also causes back and bodyache. That is why, a husband recently trended online for sharing his own way of motivating and thanking his loving wife for washing their clothes.

On a Facebook post of Marvien Cascato, he shared how he consciously leave money on his pants whenever he took it off and put it in the laundry basket. Sometimes, he will place P500, P100, and P50 to its pockets.

According to Cascato, he often does this as a form of surprise to motivate his wife in doing the laundry, make her happy in a simple way, and be assured that his wife would have the money to buy some snacks after she washed their clothes.

Because he knows how difficult it is to be a mother and to do household chores just like doing the laundry,  he encouraged other husbands to do the same as a simple reward for their wife.

With this, many netizens applauded Cascato’s idea. A lot of them are actually mothers who hope that on their next wash day, their husband would also leave some money to their clothes for them.

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