Photo of maid watching while employers eat disheartens people online

Thousands of netizens saddened after a picture of a maid watching in front of her employers as they eat at a restaurant surfaced online.

In a Facebook post shared by Cey Budomo, it can be seen that there is a woman watching from the same table where a family eats, as if she was a "dog" waiting for them to finish.

According to Budomo, an old lady from the family called the maid but instead of offering her some food to eat, they placed a plastic bag and tissue in front of her and let her watch as they ate.

Out of anger, Budomo exclaimed that the family should have not brought the maid with them in the mall if they are not willing to buy something for her whenever they eat adding that the  maid is also a human that should be treated fairly.

Other netizens have the same opinion with Budomo. Some Facebook users who are also helpers inside and outside of the country have also shared that that is their sad reality at work.

Nevertheless, a lot of people say that  the way employers treat their maids must be changed. They have to be more kind and compassionate because they are also humans like them.


  1. this kind of employers must be punished..And God never sleep...Karma always find a way.

  2. She is a human with flesh and bones. The Lord Jesus said; What ever youve done to the least of your brothers you have done it to me. Wait for your karma in your life. What you sow is what you reap.

  3. Oh my god what kind of people they are that girl so helpless I feel so sad