Man drowns after getting pushed by friends in pool as part of their dizzy game

A supposedly fun bonding between friends became a tragic incident after a guy drowned in the swimming pool due to dizziness from playing a game.

In a video that is now trending online, it can be seen that there were five men beside a swimming pool having some fun by playing the "dizzy" game.

One of them is recording their activity on a phone, while the three is assisting the victim who was tagged in the game.

Their goal is to spin the victim until he gets dizzy and let him jump off the pool to see if he will be able to swim in spite of lightheadedness.

However, the three might have twirled the victim too much that when they pushed him in the pool, the victim struggled to swim until his friends noticed that he was not returning back from the water.

They immediately jumped off the pool as well and decided to call the lifeguard of the resort. Thankfully, the man was found but unfortunately unconscious.

The lifeguard immediately did a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the victim was quickly brought to the hospital but according to reports, up to this time, he is still unconscious.

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  1. Dapat mapanagot ang may kagagawan mga walang kwintang kaibigan..ang saya nila..un pala nalulunod na ung kaibigan nila