Melai Cantiveros admits how wealthy their family before as tuna suppliers

In the vlog of Toni Gonzaga in Youtube, actress and comedian Melai Cantiveros narrated how well-off their family before in General Santos City and how they suddenly became poor  because of one incident.

According to Melai, their family  used to be a tuna supplier in various countries including Japan. Her father has  a huge boat which they send in the sea for three months  to collect tuna which they will then send to other countries.

Unfortunately, their boat amounting P500,000 was apprehended and destroyed by Indonesian authorities because it slightly crossed the boundary between Indonesia and General Santos while catching the tuna which swam in that direction.

Melai explained, even the fishermen riding their boat were captured by Indonesian authorities for two years forcing her parents to support the expenses of the affected families of their workers.

She added that since then their life changed and their family started to suffer  from poverty. Thankfully, Melai got into Pinoy Big Brother, a reality show in Abs-Cbn, where she got so many opportunities to earn money.

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