Man goes viral after running motorcycle with water as fuel

Netizens are amazed after seeing the viral video of a man who allegedly made his motorcycle run with water instead of gasoline.

In the video, a guy named "Marcelo" is being recorded while operating his water-powered motorcycle. A man who is voicing over in the video said that Marcelo is just using oxygen and water to run his vehicle.

According to Marcelo, he is fond of watching television and reading books about inventions. This prompted him to do his own experiment until he was able to make his own water-fuel possible.

He added that he dedicated  10 long years to finish his invention but everything is worth it because today he only spends P30 to P35 pesos instead of P300 whenever he uses his motorcycle.

Marcelo thought of making his motorcycle powered with water in order to lessen the expenses of their family since he has children to feed, and to contribute in reducing pollution in the environment.

What can you say about this invention? Do you also want to try it?

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