Raffy Tulfo finishes house construction of slain Frank, Sonia Gregorio

Brightness seems to shine once again in the house of late Sonia Gregorio and  Frank Gregorio as it  became fully furnished through the help of the Filipino broadcaster Raffy Tulfo.

Sonia and his son Frank were the victims brutally killed by the former policeman Jonel Nuezca in front of their home in Tarlac last December 20, 2020 which was rooted from a noise coming from “boga,” an improvised canon usually made of bamboo.  

In the  episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action uploaded on Youtube on Saturday (March 13, 2021), the team of Tulfo went back to the home of Gregorio's family to check their condition.

In the video, it could be seen that their unfinished house was transformed into a completely furnished home because of Tulfo who allotted money to buy materials and pay for the laborers to finish the house construction.

From having graying walls because of hollow blocks and from having no doors and windows, the house once again looked brand new  because of their new roofs, and other parts of the house that are newly installed and built.

Tulfo also gave the deceased family financial assistance and a new business to run, for them to be able to start afresh from the brutal incident the late Sonia and Frank suffered in their own house.

With this, Florentino, husband of Sonia, is deeply grateful to the broadcaster for helping their family ever since the incident happened. He also thanked all the people who sent their prayers and assistance to them.

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