Jaya decides to go back in US with family for good

After experiencing several challenges during the pandemic, the Filipino soul singer Jaya has decided to leave the Philippines and go back to the United States together with her family.

In an interview  with, Jaya shared that she and her family underwent a lot of challenges ever since the community quarantine started last March 2020 prompting her now to fly back to the US for good.

Jaya shared, she became focused on her family and the household chores during the lockdown but after some time she realized that she is feeling sad, lonely, scared, depressed.

Until, she found herself losing weight because she did not notice that she is just having a meal once every day. Her stress piled up even more when her husband Gary Gotidoc was hospitalized for three days due to a stroke.

She added that during that time she felt confused. She panicked thinking how she will be able to support her children while she has no work and her husband is still in the process of recovering from his condition.

Jaya said she just strengthened her faith during their most challenging time until she felt that God was telling her and her husband to  go back to the US for good. Thus, they decided to sell some of their properties in Tarlac to help them start anew outside the country. 

After their properties were sold on January 5, Gary and their son departed on January 7 and just 22 hours after they arrived in the US, they found a job and a home for rent which is big enough for their family.

The singer assured that even though she will soon leave the Philippines, she will still work hard and cooperate to showbiz commitments she currently have in the country through online.

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