75-year-old father tirelessly helps wheelchaired son to apply as teacher

Netizens went emotional after seeing the viral post about a 75-year-old father accompanying his son who is in a wheelchair while applying for a job as a teacher.

In a Facebook post of Zaldy Ordiales Bueno, he narrated his inspiring and tear-dropping encounter about Edwin Garin from Atimonan who came to make his paper evaluated.

According to Bueno, the 50-year-old teacher-applicant's study was delayed because of an accident. He just took an Alternative Learning System (ALS) and graduated in 2014.

After that, he was able to enter college and graduated as an English teacher. In 2019, he was also able to pass the licensure  examination that is why now he wanted to apply for a job so he could help his parents.

He was thankful because he has his father to push him with his wheelchair for six years; from the day he went to college and up to now that he is applying for work.

With this, Bueno hopes that there would be someone out there that would consider hiring Garin because it's not his determination that will pay off but as well as his father's sacrifices to accompany and push him in a wheelchair.

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