Hunchback elderly, continues to work to feed grandchildren abandoned by parents


An old woman with a hunchback has no choice but to work and earn as much as she could so that she can feed her grandchildren that one of her kids left to her.

In spite of the difficulty that the elderly's hunchback gives, she would still carry two baskets filled with rice cakes all day without any companion.

According to a netizen who shared the story, the old woman would usually start at dawn and will continue up to the evening in selling her rice cakes. No matter how hot it is to roam around the street during the day, the woman would never stop.

The elderly shared, one of her kids abandoned their two children to her that is why she has no choice but to work in spite of her age and condition just to feed her grandchildren.

With this, netizens cannot help but to blame the kids of the old woman. Some called the attention of her children so she could start receiving help from them while others sought assistance from Raffy Tulfo in Action, a program known for supporting people in need.

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