84-year-old former principal, now a janitress in their school


From being the head of the school, who would have thought that a teacher and a former principal will later on become one of the janitresses of the school she once considered home.

This is the story of 84-year-old Nanay Pacita "Pacing" Piano who now works as a janitress in a school from being a teacher and principal in her early years.

Nanay Pacing is remembered as a strict but kind teacher by those people who became her students and co-workers in her 40 years of teaching and five years of being a principal.

When Nanay Pacing retired in the year 2000, she was still able to have a good life from her pension and retirement plan. She was even able to build a house for her family and lend money to people asking for help.

Unfortunately, the house she built was caught on fire. That was also the time when people stopped paying their debt to her because the evidence that would prove what their owe to the  old woman also burnt.

Her child that she expected to help her on the other hand, became addicted to his friends and his vices that is why Nanay Pacing has no choice but to work again in spite of her age.

The old woman would only earn P2,500 every month but she carries no anger to her children and to people who owe her money because she accepted what kind of faith God has given to her.


  1. Godbless po nanay. Atleast d siya nagpapabigat at kinakaya nya lahat ng binibigay sa kanyang pagsubok.

  2. At her age, kung ganun man nangyari may mali pa din. Taga saan ba si Nanay Pacing Di po namention sa story. For me lang po sana naman kalingain sya Ng lungsod kung saan man sya nakatira. 84 years old former Principal Ng anong school po ba yang ginawa syang janitress. Tapos ng kurso ginawang janitress. Grabe naman mga walang respeto sa tao.