3 OFWs in Saudi Arabia, robbed inside house; one gets raped

Source: Shuttle/MitarArt

Three overseas Filipino workers in Abha, Saudi Arabia were robbed by unknown men inside their home while the other one was raped last Wednesday night (March 10).

According to the report of GMA News, one of the victims, Ana, not her real name, narrated that they heard someone knocking on their door at around 10 p.m. They opened it because they thought it was one of their companions who ran some errand.

In their surprise, they saw two men wearing facemasks and holding guns while introducing themselves as policemen.

The suspects went inside their home, tied their hands and locked them in one of their rooms. That was also the time that the men looked for all the money and even jewelries of the OFWs.

Afterwards, Ana was brought in another room and was raped by one of the suspects. She tried to stop the man but he just continued with his evil intention. They already reported to the police but no further details were released about the investigation.

With what happened Consul General Edgar Badajos, a Philippine Consulate in Jeddah, advised all OFWs to immediately call the police during that kind of situation adding that the consulate cannot quickly extend their help because Abha is about eight hours away from Jeddah.

They also reminded everyone not to open their doors especially at night to avoid such crimes.

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