19-year-old guy robs 4 chickens, foods out of hunger

A 19-year-old male from Barangay Taft, Tapaz, Capiz was arrested by the police after he allegedly robbed chickens and other food in order to ease his hunger.

Based on the reports, the suspect was identified as Romy Danid while his victim is  the retired policeman Manuel Gabucay, 69, from Barangay Lagdungan.

According to Police Captain Bryant Fallera, chief of the Tapaz Municipal Police Station, the suspect went to the house of the victim and secretly grabbed four chickens, some fruits, and chicken nuggets.

When  Danid's house was  visited for investigation, the police also saw some gadgets like cell phones and tablets which are also believed to come from robbery.

Fallera said, in spite of the reason of the suspect behind his crime, the victim is determined to file criminal charges against him.

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  1. Maybisyo na yan na bata kc 19 e.kung dala ng kagutoman lang kaya nag nakaw d yan ang paraan..excuse me po..