Student builds own oven out of can of biscuits to continue management course


Netizens went wow after seeing the do-it-yourself (diy) oven of a student from Davao City by just using an old can of biscuit  to  continue his study.

Jovel Bante Jr. is a second year BS Hospitality Management in Holy Cross of Davao College. He created the oven by just using a used can of biscuits, chicken wire, and sand.

According to Bante, he needed an oven for laboratory work in their Bread and Pastry Production subject but they did not have one in their home so he just decided to create his own.

He admitted that he struggled in doing his idea but his determination to continue his study pushed him enough to finish his project.

According to Raymond Minoza, professor of Bante, in their one month of virtual classes, he saw a potential in the student and he hopes that other students will also be inspired by his work.

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