Store lets old woman borrow their expensive laptop to talk with her family

Netizens applauded the employees of one of the stores in Greenbelt Makati after a picture of an old woman using their laptop to reach out to her family circulated online.

According to Facebook user Walter So who shared the story, the old woman is called "nanay" by the employees of the Power Mac Store where she frequently visits.

So said, the old woman goes there to use the  store's demo MacBook and  their free internet so she could message her family and browse Facebook.

He added that the employees are very much accommodating to the woman. They even offered her a chair so she can do her thing comfortably.

With these, netizens salute the entire store for being kind and charitable to the old woman. They are also grateful for teaching her to use the MacBook very well.

Meanwhile, the old woman will be receiving her own gadget and  portable wifi soon because of the generous netizens who suggested to donate.

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