Buko vendor sacrifices his buko juice product to save burning tricycle

A buko vendor from Binangonan Rizal is now earning praises from netizens after he heroically extinguished a burning tricycle by pouring his buko juice product.

The 54-year-old Larry Lasac was just doing his usual job of selling buko juice on his bicycle cart when a tricycle in front of him suddenly flamed.

According to Lasac, he noticed that the driver of the burning tricycle was having a hard time dousing the fire that is why he  willingly  poured his buko juice product  worth P500.

When the fire did not cease totally, he lifted his container of mineral water and poured it as well to stop the flame.

Lasac said, during that time he was worried that the tricycle might explode causing damages to a lot of people that is why he immediately helped.

Because of his heroic act, the  mayor of Binangonan, Cesar Ynares, awarded Lasac with a certificate of recognition. The mayor's office also pledged to help the vendor.

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