Pinoy womanizer becomes faithful after meeting gorgeous Finnish wife

They say, everything will change once you meet your one true love. This seems to be true to a Filipino named Bryan Calonia who suddenly became loyal and faithful after meeting a beautiful lady from Finland in a cruise ship where he works for.

According to Bryan, even though he is not that handsome, he once became one of the womanizers everyone hate. But when he met his wife Jasmina, everything changed.

Bryan said he was working in a bar in a cruise ship when Jasmina passed by. He was starstrucked with the beauty of the lady and really thought that she could be the one.

On that same day, Bryan has a  scheduled show where he always throws a flying kiss to the crowd. Unknowingly, he pointed his hands to the direction of Jasmina as if sending the kiss to her. 

Little did he know, Jasmina also felt happy with what he did. Brian then did not waste any opportunity and immediately asked for her Facebook name.

When the cruise ended, Bryan returned home to the Philippines while Jasmina went back to Finland however their communication did not end until they developed their feelings and committed themselves with one another.

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