Herlene 'Hipon' Budol now owns businesses because of Wowowin

From being a typical working student, the comedian host Herlene "Hipon" Budol is now an owner of multiple businesses after she was discovered in the gameshow "Wowowin" hosted by Willie Revillame.

Herlene became  a contestant in Willie of Fortune, a game segment of Kuya Wil's Wowowin. Because of her humor and bubbliness, she captured the attention of the viewers and as  well as Kuya Wil's that is why she was invited to be one of the co-host of the TV program.

Since then, Herlene seized the  opportunity given to her to help her family and save  money until she was able to build some businesses that she can call her own.

One of the businesses established by Herlene is Chix ni Hips, that offers a variety of food like chicken, prawn, and rice meals, Herlene's clothing, and Hips Shop which all can be located in Angono Rizal.

Of course, this will all be nothing without her determination and sacrifices but Herlene is  also thankful to  Kuya Wil for helping her achieve her dreams. Aside from job, Kuya Wil is also dedicated to helping Herlene in finishing her studies.

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