Family seeks justice after policemen allegedly killed innocent father

 A family  from Barangay Talobatib, Labo, Camarines Norte, asks nothing but justice after a group of policemen forcefully went inside their home and killed their innocent father last Friday (February 26).

According to Monay Verzo, daughter of the dead victim, it was exactly 2 am in the morning when they suddenly heard a loud noise and voices forcing them to open their doors. They became more shocked when they found out that it was the policeman who invaded their home. 

The policemen pointed their guns to her and her siblings telling them to get out of their room. The family kept on asking for a search warrant but the police had nothing to present.

After a while, the policemen went upstairs and went after the father. That was also the time when two gunshots were heard in the place. The family did not even have the chance to help their dead father because some policemen are stopping them to do so.

Aside from crashing their doors, even CCTV cameras were destroyed by the police. A total of 27 items including expensive gadgets and jewelleries also suddenly disappeared.

According to the police report, the authorities had a search warrant of illegal firearms but this was only  presented to the family 30 minutes after the incident.

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