Couple raises 11 biological kids at the same time; plans to have 95 more

Raising 11 babies at the same time is difficult enough for many but not for a couple from Russia who hopes to have 95 more kids to achieve their dream of having more than 100 children in the future. 

According to the Russian woman, Christina Ozturk, 23, she and her millionaire husband actually  planned to have 105 biological children or more. 

Christina is a single mother of one when she met Galip Ozturk, 56, who already has adult children. When they got married they decided to use surrogate mothers so they could have many children as fast as possible.

That is why in just 10 months, the couple was able to have their 10 biological babies. The first one was born on March 10, 2020 while the tenth child was born on January  16, 2021.

Initially, the couple prepared to have a baby every year but considering the reproductive ability of Christina they realized that it will be impossible to meet their goal of having hundreds of kids.

Each  surrogate mother is being paid $9,707. They all undergo counselling and sign legal paperwork before becoming pregnant to avoid problems in claiming the babies that are  genetically theirs.

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