Cauliflower: Great low-carb substitute for rice, says experts

Rice will never be absent in every Filipino meal. It is everyone's staple food that tastes good in almost all combinations, anytime and anywhere.

It is full of carbohydrates that can give energy to the body. However, too much of it will yield negative effects and may even contribute to various conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

That is why, in a GMA network program called Pinoy MD, they discussed the possible alternative to eat so Filipino could easily lose weight and follow a "no rice diet."

According to a nutritionist-dietician, a cup of rice contains 200 calories with a glycemic index of 43. Glycemic index refers to the measurement of sugar content in a particular food.

Now, for the people who do not want to consume rice because of health reasons, cauliflower will be the best replacement because it contains only 28 calories with low glycemic index compared to rice. It is also rich in antioxidants and high in fiber.

So, instead of eating white rice, you could have cauliflower fried rice. To prepare it, the cauliflower must be ground first until it will become fine as rice.

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