Breast cancer now most common cancer globally; lung cancer follows

Cases of breast cancer around the world have unfortunately elevated making it the most common cancer now, overtaking lung cancer, said the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday (February 2).

According to Dr. Andre Ilbawi, technical officer of WHO Cancer Control Unit, last 2020 the number of people around the world diagnosed with cancer already climbed to 19.3 million while the number of mortalities rose to 10 million. 

He added that out of the combined number of cancer cases globally, breast cancer was found to be the most common cancer acquired by individuals with  11.7 percent of the total, overtaking lung cancer (11.4 percent) which has been the leading form of the disease in history.

WHO said, the inflation of the number of cancer cases can be attributed to the growing population around the world and the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic because it has interrupted a lot of cancer treatment due to safety measures and protocols.

It further asserted that as a result of delayed diagnosis, and services brought by the pandemic, huge numbers of cancer deaths could be expected in the coming years.

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