60-year-old Pinoy slashed on face by cutter while in train

A 60-year-old Filipino in New York was just about to go to work when he was suddenly attacked and slashed on his face by a stranger using a box cutter in a subway train last Wednesday, February 3.

According to Filipino administrative assistant Noel Quintana, before the slashing incident the assailant has been kicking his tote bag for no reason. He then confronted him and moved away but the assailant attacked and slashed his face.

At first he thought he was just punched by the suspect but when he saw the reaction of one of the train passengers, he touched his and realized that he was severely bleeding. 

Quintana added, no one even dared to help him in spite of his situation that is why he went out the subway train and asked for help from a station attendant instead.

Because his face was slashed from ear to ear, Quintana received a hundred stitches from a nearby hospital where he was brought.

Quintana said New York should improve the security and safety of people because he was already attacked by someone twice. His first time was two years ago when he was punched while walking his way home.

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