25-year-old Pinoy janitor, now owns restaurant in Australia

Netizens are now inspired with the success story of a  25-year-old Filipino because after how many years of hard work as a janitor, he has finally built his own  Pinoy restaurant in Australia.

In an interview in 'State of the Nation' program of GMA news, John Andrew Dungca narrated that he did not waste any time just to help his family back in the Philippines.

He was just 19 years old when his relatives brought him to the country to try his fortune. From that on, he started working as a janitor in various hotels, malls, homes, and even in offices while pursuing his studies.

When he got his diploma course, he was able to apply as an assistant in an aged-care facility but still did not quit as a janitor.

According to Dungca, it was really tough to be an overseas Filipino worker but every hardship was worth it because he was able to bring the rest of his family to Australia gradually.

With all the money he saved, last 2020, he was also able to establish his own Filipino restaurant in Australia which he called “Salu-salo.”

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