Mom from Sarangani sustains her family by working as carpenter while completing her education


No job is too difficult when it's for one's family, as a mother in Sarangani demonstrated. Even machines can be handled by Shayne Anion-Lamanilao. She frequently used these materials to make art.


"My father is a carpenter. I work at home. I make our own chairs and tables. They didn"t initially believe that I knew how." She said.


Shayne claimed that because she split up with her partner during the epidemic, she was forced to use her skills as a means of income.


"Maybe he got stressed. We were in lockdown, and we always fought at home. I didn't understand. I didn't know what I should do then." She said.


With four kids, Shayne is now a single mother. She worked hard and earned her education degree last August. She owes her children credit for this success.


"I need to move forward to have a better life because I have four kids who need a good life, especially my deaf child." She said.


"I want to be a PWD teacher so I can also help other moms." she added.


Despite her struggles, Shayne considers herself "blessed" because of the people who have stayed and supported her throughout her journey.


 Congratulations, Shayne! 

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