DSWD warns public fake employees soliciting money in exchange for 'Ayuda'


The Department Of Social Welfare Development (DSWD) warnes the public fake  DSWD employees to solicit money exchange for Financial Assistance Program of the Department.

Romel Lopez, The DSWD Assistant Secretary,said that people who are being fake employees in the public will be charge of usurpation of authority, falsification of public documents, and large-scale estafa.

Last Tuesday, there is a man named Jay Lagrimas who presented him self as DSWD National Region Staff Member and telling people that if you gave him a money you will be on the list of DSWD Financial Assistance.

Lopez said that DSWD is not allowed to door-to-door registration fee exchange for the list in financial assistance program.

"This is a warning to everyone, DSWD programs is not doing a house to house interview to asked if you want to be on the list. Financial Assistance has a process to be part of the program. You need to go in Barangay Hall and cooperate with the workers inside and they will help you to be part of the DSWD programs." Lopez said.

"DSWD is not like a agency where you can easily be part of the list because that is prohibited and for transparency," He added.

The DSWD already consider the people who are faking their identity to the public just to extort money. Lopez said.

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